Enduro Training Kolar Level 2

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There’s one thing that we’ve heard from everyone that ever came to witness the Red Bull Ace of Dirt series at BigRock – “I’d never be able to do that!” Let’s just say that isn’t true anymore. Say hello to the BigRock Enduro Arena!

We’re here to bring all your enduro dreams to fruition. With obstacles like Log Jumps, Tyre Staircase, Spool Jumps, multiple Rock Gardens, Barrel Maze, you will ride through a track that is similar to what our pro athletes ride on, but scaled down to enable learning. The Enduro Arena is your first step to realizing all your Ace of Dirt dreams. We have designed a track layout and a curriculum with a focus on enabling our students to up their skills in the most scientific and progressive manner. Our expert trainers will guide you through basic and advanced concepts and skills and take you through drills that have been specially designed to deliver maximum learning in minimum time.

So “bunny-hop” on over and get started right away!

Course Location: Kolar

Level 2 Course Fees: Rs. 6500/- [your bike, group] | Rs. 8000/- [your bike, private]

Inclusions: Instructor, guided training, Track time

Exclusions: Food, Bike, Riding Gear & Beverage

Days available: All days of the week

Available Time: 9:00am to 12:00pm & 2:00pm to 5:00pm

Prerequisite: Should have completed our Dirt Training program at least once

Batch size: 4 pax (group) | 1-3 pax (private)

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