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BigRock Dirt Park in association with Royal Enfield is launching a state-of-the-art Slide School in Bangalore for riders to experience a unique, exciting format in a controlled and safe environment. The coaches at BigRock will guide you in the basics of flat tracking on specially customized Royal Enfield Himalayans - FT 411, available as a part of the school.

Flat Tracking

Flat Track is a mud track motorcycle sport where the surface is made up of sand, shale or in some cases, regular mud and gravel rolled in and packed on the base ground in the form of an oval track. Flat Track is not only the fastest-growing motorsport in the world and rightfully so, it is reasonably easy to learn, involves a comparatively low set up cost and is a whole lot of fun. BigRock Dirt Park SlideSchool aims to introduce/help/assist in understanding the nuances of this sport and together build something great with our school partners.

The Dirt is Calling,

The only difference is what you shout back.

The Himalayan is perhaps our most versatile motorcycle. It has been developed with decades of experience in the Himalayas. Attributes such as the half-duplex split-cradle frame, long-travel suspension, rider-focused ergonomics, the LS410 motor and the fact that it effortlessly lends itself to customization make it the perfect motorcycle for your first sliding experience.

Designed in collaboration with S&S Cycles

S&S has a proven track record (literally!) in American Flat Track and has taken that expertise and applied it to the Himalayan. In tuning the Himalayan for track use, the obligatory 180 rims have been added, as has a high-mount exhaust and carbon fiber seat unit. Every bit of unnecessary road equipment has been removed, and a lightweight Full Spectrum Power battery, which reduces the total bike weight to approximately 164 kg (360 lbs), has been added. The frame remains stock with no mods to the sub-frame, perfectly fitting within the seat unit.

  • Sprocketting by S&S means that the motorcycle is both lighter and faster than stock
  • 18” rims front and back with slide worthy tyres from Timsum
  • Customised side panels and seat for perfect flat track ergonomics
  • A performance exhaust system by S&S cycles
  • Performance Air Filters by K&N Specs



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