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Flat Track is a mud track motorcycle sport where the surface is made up of sand, shale or in some cases, regular mud and gravel rolled in and packed on the base ground in the form of an oval track. Flat Track is not only the fastest-growing motorsport in the world and rightfully so, it is reasonably easy to learn, involves a comparatively low set up cost and is a whole lot of fun. BigRock Dirt Park SlideSchool aims to introduce/help/assist in understanding the nuances of this sport and together build something great with our school partners.

* Track Walk
* Getting familiar with the bike & the track
* Body posture
* Braking drills
* Throttle control
* Cornering drills
* Race start practice
* Fun race with race start

Available bikes from BR Dirt : 4

Inclusions : Instructor, guided training, bike & limited gear

Exclusions : Food & Beverage

Specific Disclaimers/Prerequisites : Require minimum 3 pax to conduct a batch