Adventure Training below 350cc Kolar Level 2 Group Full Day Our bike

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Our Level Two Adventure Training is put to together in such a way, that it helps you reinforce what you learnt in the Level One training and it helps you develop new and more advanced skillsets. Even if you have not done our Level one training, but are a fairly confident and experienced rider, this could be the training program for you.

* Recap of Lvl 1
* Intermediate level trail riding
* Ride control drills – Lvl 2
* Bike recovery – incline/decline
* Walking the bike
* Power-sliding
* Use of electronic aids
* Obstacles – Lvl 2

Inclusions : Instructor,guided training
Exclusions : Bike,gear,F&B

Specific Disclaimers/Prerequisites : Only riders who have completed lvl 1 and attended a few open practice sessions after that are eligible for lvl 2