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Our Facility

BigRock has multiple professionally designed training tracks. BigRock tracks are well maintained ensuring safety as well as optimum riding experience. Suitable for novices, beginners and professionals alike, riders can be confident of learning and getting skilled in various riding techniques.

Our Tracks

Motocross Track

The BigRock MX Track is designed for all types of riders interested in experiencing, learning or even sharpening their motocross riding techniques.

With a host of obstacles, the MX track at BigRock is 1.6 kms in length and offers riders a safe practice environment.

Track obstacles:

  • Fast rough sections
  • Crest and Table tops
  • Single, double, and triple jumps
  • Whoops section
  • Long corner turns, tight short turns and berm turn

Adventure Track

The ADV track is perfect to get hands-on with adventure motorcycle riding techniques.

BigRock's ADV track is specifically designed for all kinds of adventure class bikes. Designed with a sand pit and rock garden as well as tyres and wooden log jumps, the ADV track is a must try for riding enthusiats. With guidance and right training, riders will gain better control and command over various terrains during rides.

Track obstacles:

  • Tyres and wooden log jumps
  • Sand pit
  • Rock garden

BigRock Trails

BigRock also offers a day’s worth of adventure riding with various difficulty levels. BigRock Trails exposes one to various obstacles and prepares riders for actual rides. BigRock Trails are suitable for all riders looking to explore the thrills of off-road riding.


BigRock customizes camping packages at the academy as well as beyond its boundaries. Camping helps one learn the basics of adventure riding and the essentials of camping. In a nutshell, BigRock Camps prepares you for future motorcycle camps.

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